Thursday, May 23, 2013

Human Rights Complaint

As I will soon be involved with a human rights complaint against my building manager Gord, plus what seems likely to be a couple of government agencies, and since my building manager has in the past tried to blackmail me into giving up any plans for filing a formal complaint, (not to mention calling me a cocksucker) it may be prudent that I post the following completed form sent to me by Affordable Housing Societies, who pay a portion of my rent. This form decides whether or not I receive a government rent subsidy and whether I get to keep my apartment. The form, of course, has to be given to my building manager. For security reasons I have blacked out my signature, to help prevent forgeries.

I have completed the form with a positive reply, meaning that if it is received by Affordable Housing Societies unaltered I should be able to keep my apartment.

(I am having a great deal of trouble uploading the document.)